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DWOQ was founded with a simple goal, to help medical graduates and other borrowers manage…

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There would not be a DWOQ without our ongoing school partnerships..

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Residency Programs

Today’s medical residents have many things in common: long hours, tons of stress…

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In many fields (especially healthcare) an increasing percentage of employees are taking…

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Doctors Without Quarters

Mission Statement

DWOQ was founded as student loan educator and advisory for graduate health professionals. We help borrowers understand the continually evolving and overly complex loan repayment and forgiveness programs so you can manage your debt in a way that complements your career, while also maximizing savings along the way. We are tireless students of the student loan marketplace so you don’t have to be!

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Doctors Without Quarters can help you navigate the evolving federal options available to you, as well as determine if refinancing is suitable and direct you towards a competitive lender, serving as your advocate to produce optimal results. We don’t look at student debt in a vacuum, rather we provide recommendations in the context of your liquidity needs, financial profile and goals.

Since our inception in early 2015, DWOQ has accumulated over $1.5 billion in federal student loan debt managed for over 6000 graduates. In addition, because of our unique focus on the importance of determining suitability prior to refinancing federal loans to a private lender, we have facilitated roughly $400 million in successful refinancing transactions in the private marketplace.

Annual Service and Consultations

A comprehensive review of existing loan portfolio, an analysis of existing and future liquidity needs, and the development and execution of an action plan designed to maximize savings, annual access to a dedicated DWOQ advisor.

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Loan Refinancing Analysis

An analysis of your Federal and/or private loan portfolio to determine if refinancing is suitable. If so, we introduce a lender, serve as your advocate during the underwriting process, and assist in the selection of a payment/term. There is no cost for this service, and borrowers receive both a bonus from the lender and the benefit of DWOQ marketplace knowledge and leverage.

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Educational Seminars

Prescriptive school, hospital and organization-specific education for students and graduates. Available live or via webinar. Content includes student loan and financial best practices, marketplace and legislative updates, and case studies for specific borrower demographics. We are also available for “office hours” around or in lieu of group presentations.

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Doctors Without Quarters is the best investment I’ve made since graduation. They’ve saved me over $20,000 so far and have provided excellent support.

Charles Wilbers is a great resource. I came into the conversation with a good background in accounting/finance practices. The way he explained the consolidation process and future options was sound. He is an active listener and caught all my questions. This is what I expect of DWOQ and he delivered 10/10. Thank you!.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that my loans were forgiven/discharged in April under PSLF! Big thanks to you, Farrell, for helping me consolidate last summer under the waiver. You noticed I had some additional months of work under the waiver which moved up my timeline for forgiveness. What a relief as I’m growing my family and life (expenses) continues to happen! Plus, I think I might like my job more now that the ‘pressure is off’.  I wish I had you guys earlier at the end of med school and early residency, but I try to mention your service when I do come across trainees. It’s really an outstanding resource.

Jacob did a fantastic job with my consultation. My case is a bit unusual, but he tackled it extremely well and took every little curveball in stride. He answered all of my questions, ran lots of projections for different scenarios, and worked with me systematically to figure out the best approach and strategy. Jacob also graciously took the time to walk me through the steps of what I needed to do to apply for loan consolidation and REPAYE. Ultimately, I’m really glad that I opted to get a consultation with you guys at DWOQ and grateful that Jacob was able to help me out and guide me through the process, particularly given how complex my circumstances are. Thank you!

Student Doctor Kuzel and myself are LMU-DCOM Class of 2019’s President and Vice President and would like to express the sincerest thank you for spending time with us last night on the webinar. We’ve heard nothing but amazing comments from our colleagues about how useful, informative, and well-versed your presentation was. You took time to destigmatize our debt, specifically those with higher amounts of debt than the national average. Through examples, spreadsheets, and resources, you allowed for our class to engage and become further educated in our future loan forgiveness.

We cannot wait to meet with you and your consultants as you make your way to Harrogate during our graduation week. The thoughtfulness and drive behind Doctors without Quarters was seen in your passion to aid us along the way. Thanks again for your time, patience, and efforts during last night’s webinar and all the works that have gone into our graduation week consultations.

Doctors without Quarters is a phenomenal business which provides a service that I greatly needed at this point of my career, finishing fellowship and starting my career as an attending physician. A life saver for me, DWOQ was able to make a complicated process much more simple as they know exactly what they are talking about. For today’s physicians with significant student loan debt in a very complicated student loan environment, Doctors Without Quarters makes this process manageable and much more straightforward. DWOQ will save me a large sum of money. I give my highest recommendation to use DWOQ for any physician with student loans.

The end of medical school is a really exciting time, but it’s also extra stressful when you start hearing words like ‘exit loan counseling’ and ‘consolidation’… so I sought out guidance from DWOQ. They did a phenomenal job with my consultation by giving me a really clear step-by-step approach for my particular situation and made me feel at ease by answering all the questions I had. It feels awesome to know that there is someone that I can trust and is knowledgeable on my side!

I had Doctors Without Quarters visit my school for an educational seminar. The information provided complemented my exit counseling, and the feedback from the students was very positive.

Ever since working with Greg, he not only took the time to explain the dizzying loan terminology to me, but also to my parents. He has been very patient and supportive! Additionally, he has been very organized and extremely educated on medical student loan debt. I fully appreciate all of his hard work and I can confidently say that this $250 dollars was a great investment and worth every quarter!! I am extremely happy with the service he has provided through your company! He is a great representative and I have already recommended your company to my other resident physicians!

Gregg was excellent. No nonsense. Made great use of our time together and gave me a clear vision forward from medical school into residency regarding loan repayment options relative to my financial situation. Look forward to working with him in the future and highly recommend DWOQ services.

The appointment was SO SO helpful. Farrell, thank you so much. You are a wealth of information, and we feel so much more prepared to make decisions moving forward.


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