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ACOS has partnered with Doctors Without Quarters to help you get a grip on your student loan repayment strategy and maximize savings wherever possible. There are two great resources available to you:


If you’re interested in refinancing your student loans, DWOQ will conduct a FREE suitability analysis. If DWOQ determines that refinancing is suitable, we will introduce you to a lender and you’ll be entitled to at least an additional $200 bonus. Click the link below to learn more and get started.

Doctors Without Quarters

Comprehensive Student Loan Consultations

Are you interested in loan forgiveness? Do you need payment relief through income driven repayment plans? Do you want to thoroughly explore all of your options and lay out a detailed strategy to manage your debt? If so, DWOQ’s comprehensive student loan consultation is just the tool to help you get a grip on your loan repayment. Our consultations have a satisfaction rating of over 95%, and  ACOS members get a 15% discount.

Click here to claim your discount and schedule your consult using the code “ACOS15″